I have decided that I do not want the Web Address (domain name) I registered. Can I get a refund?

We're sorry, we do not refund domain name registration fees, and the registration period cannot be shortened or cancelled. However, when the registration period is over, you can choose not to renew.



Why does my newly registered domain name show up as "available" on another registrars' WhoIs search?

Once your name is registered with Pebblehaven, it will can take up to 48 hours before your information will be reflected on a 'WhoIs' search.  Yet, it typically takes just a few hours.



How do I make changes to my domain name record(s)?

Via the Domain Control Panel

If you do not have your login info, an authorized contact can obtain it by calling our General Services Team (for obvious security considerations, we avoid emailing such info).   

NOTE: To make changes to zone record hosted by pebblehaven (change just where particular service(s) resolve to, such as changing where email resolves to), please click here.



When do you send domain renewal notices?

If you have our Managed Domain Privacy in place, they're sent via email to the primary email address listed in our database for the account in question 60, 30, and 1 day prior to the domain(s) expiration, and 10 days after its expiration.  If an expiring domain has live and auto-renewing hosting services (all hosting services do auto-renew, by default) with Pebblehaven, we also provide a 1 day voice notification (by calling the primary number on file for the account) and we also email the 1 day notification notice to any additional authorized address(es).

If you do NOT have our Managed Domain Privacy in place (your contact information is publicly showing), the registrar will email your admin email address 60, 30, and 1 day prior to the domain(s) expiration, and 10 days after its expiration.



How can I access a authorization code?

Login to the domain control panel, and click on "Domain Extras".

If you are transferring your domain "away", be sure to first change the administrative contact email address if it is not already an email address that you can receive emails to so that you can approve of a transfer request sent by your new registrar.




How can I renew my domain name?

For your renewal options, and to place a renewal order, please click here.



Why does Pebblehaven contact information appear in my domain record (whois)?

The answer is most likely related to a free service offered with your domain registration, called Domain Privacy.  Among its variety of benefits, Domain Privacy insures that while you remain the owner of your domain, your confidential information is not publicly available to spammers and other unwelcome solicitors.  Over the years, whois records have increasingly become convenient databases for such organizations.



A renewal order for my domain(s) was processed. How long will it take to reflect this change?

The domain year(s) will be added to the record once the order is finalized.

If your domain was inactive when the order is finalized, it will take approximately 12-24 hours for propagation to occur, and thus any hosting services at your domain to be active again.



After processing a renewal is the previous expiration date extended by the number of years the renewal was for, or is the new expiration date based off of the day it was renewed?

The renewal adds x year(s) to the previous expiration date.  So, after the renewal is completed, the domain is good for x additional years (beyond whatever it was previously good for).



How can I have my domain locked or unlocked?

Send an email requesting what you would like done and the domain in question, from an authorized address, to [email protected].



I do not wish to renew my domain name(s), what should I do now?

Simply ignore any notices sent to you regarding the renewal(s), which we are required (whether or not you make us aware you do not wish to renew) to send to you.  However, if you have previously requested that the domain(s) be set to auto-renew (by default, domains are not set to auto-renew), you should request that the auto-renew option be disabled, by emailing [email protected]

Similarly, if you have live and auto-renewing services under the domain in question (such as web hosting or url forwarding), and you no longer wish to have them on your account, please remember to submit a cancellation notice regarding them.  As per our service agreement, auto-renewing services renew until they are cancelled.  And, for example, hosting services are not automatically removed when a domain is not renewed (they are two separate services, amongst other and more influential reasons/issues).



How can I go about Domain Redemption?

Place a domain renewal order, and in the Comments or Special Requests field of the order form, put the following:

"I understand/agree to the additional (beyond the cost of the renewal option itself) domain redemption fee of $125. I understand this may take up to 7 business days to process, and that redemptions are non-refundable."

Thus, a total of $125 + the cost of the renewal option that you choose, will be due.