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    "It's like having a team of in-house Internet and technology experts; Pebblehaven is "in the know" with our business, and continuously able make recommendations that work well for us. And, they're always ready for our work. We just don't pay for their software, hardware, employee benefits, so on so forth."

There are two types of plans, one-time and ongoing.

Both offer:

  • Project Management & Consultation
    In addition to being able to utilize included time for services such as design, development, and online marketing, you can also take advantage of project management and consultation. So, whether it relates to a product or service that Pebblehaven or a third party offers, we can make things simpler and more effective for you.

Ongoing also offers:

  • Best Pricing

  • Emergency Service/Support
    At no additional charge, for up to 4 "incidents" per plan per year, you can request consultation and project management be rendered outside of regular service hours. Or, you could utilize any of the included "incidents" towards having your Project Manager mark a request for our Update Team as high priority, which would skip the work to the top of their queue.

  • More Consistent Accessibility/Availability
    You can have peace of mind knowing that no matter what the month, or big projects come our way in the future, a minimum amount of time has been "set aside" for your account, allowing your work to always be completed in a timely fashion.

  • Consistent Attention/Improvement
    "Upkeep" is necessary to maintain what you have and keep you "where you are". Reevaluating and tweaking can allow you to make the most of your prior investments, and stay one step ahead of your competition.  Both of these items are possible when each month your account is marked as pending the action of your Project Manager.  Each month can be an opportunity to "get underway" with previously discussed and "approved" ideas/items/options, and/or to go over new ones with your Project Manager. One month you might use most of the time for design, and another for consultation.

  • Maintained Awareness
    Staying "in the know" with various aspects of your business can allow us to more instantly and less expensively suggest and implement solutions, which are also likely to be more fitting and thus successful for YOU.

  • Cash Flow Benefits
    With a combination of maintaining what you have and investing more evenly over time, expenses can become more predictable and cash flow can be improved.