Time for all services rendered shall be deemed and recorded as billable, unless it meets the following criteria and is not handled via a call or email to Dan Spellman (Internet Strategist / Consultant).

- For fixing something that was done incorrectly (via an Update Team member not following certain/company design standards, processes and/or provided instructions), when given proper time for that particular "something", the first "time". This does not mean time to finish a job that was never finished, such as one we did not have necessary time to, if something was missed, or similar. An example of something being missed, and/or not having the necessary time, is if you asked that we develop a logo, yet no logo was developed. We will not develop the logo for free as we never charged you to develop it in the first place.  Or, if we began to design a page, but our efforts (time) was directed elsewhere, just because the page looks in disarray does not mean it was done incorrectly. Rather, it may mean that we did not have proper time to complete the request in the first place and/or you wanted us to direct our time/energy elsewhere. 

- For investigating an issue, if the issue is found to have been caused by work being completed against certain/company design standards, processes and/or provided instructions. This does not mean or include if the issue is found to not exist (there was no problem) and/or have been caused by something not on our end. In these cases, you would be billed to investigate and fix the issue.

- For informing about or troubleshooting/resolving an issue about a service that states it includes non-billable assistance. Time required for instructing on how to use third party software (not included with our standard domain registration, etc) is considered a form of consulting, and is completed on billable time.

- For an unsuccessful attempt to complete something that A) was specifically "confirmed" by us, in writing to you, that we have the knowledge/tools/etc to complete without any potential issues and/or similar B) is not specifically related to a third-party application/site/service, AND qualifies as a request for common types of either web design, web development, graphic design, graphic development, flash design, and/or flash development.

- For talking with other team members about something not relating to the request(s) being performed, talking with other team members about something related to the request(s) being performed but is not specifically for the benefit of the customer (showing someone else the work not to have them perform testing or a critique, but rather to just show them), receiving or providing instruction on how to do something that should otherwise (based upon industry, professional, etc) be able to already do, taking a break (quick or not) for personal reasons, etc.

You do not need to have an outstanding time package to have a General Services Team member help you investigate a problem that does not have to do with our standard domain registration, secure certificates, and/or web hosting package(s). However, if it is found to not have existed (or similar to the above), the time that was spent on that is billable.

If you have an outstanding time package, your project manager can request "fixes" on non billable time. However, if you do not have an outstanding time package, you must request them on your own (by submitting an update request).